A downloadable game for Windows

Disclaimer: Make sure to play the game at a resolution of 1920x1080.

You play as a house that is decorating a house inside of itself. Place the correct items inside the house, and progress deeper into the next house. 

How To Play:
- Hover over the Objectives Tab to see what pieces of furniture the house requires.
- Click on the colored tabs to set what color furniture you will be getting.
- Click on appropriate button to spawn that furniture.
- Click and hold to drag furniture to the inside of the house.
- Once furniture is released it can no longer be picked up again.
- Once all required pieces are crossed off click on the blueprints to finish the house.
- Placing an incorrect piece will cause the house to get angry and smack it away.
- All furniture pieces need to remain in the house to complete that house; if a piece leaves it needs to be replaced.

Mouse:  Move hand with cursor. Click to activate buttons and hold to drag furniture.

Programmers: Gage O'Connor, Luke Mayo, Vadym Yanchuk, Aeron Delgadillo
Artists: Nate Rodriguez, Stepfan Thelemaque, Tom Newsome
Music & Sound Design: Eric Moen
QA: Brendan Burkman


En House Decorator.zip 39 MB

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